Top Under-Graduate/Degree, Post-Graduate, Nursing and Pharmacy College in Lucknow

G.S.R.M. Memorial Group Of Institutions resolved to set up an Institute namely G.S.R.M. Memorial Degree College, the Top Under-Graduate/Degree, Post-Graduate, Nursing and Pharmacy College in Lucknow, at D-6, Industrial Estate, Sarojini Nagar, Kanpur Road, Lucknow. The Society was established by Dr. Manoj Kumar, Advocate, Supreme Court of India in the memory of his beloved parents Shri Gauri Shankar Gupta and Smt. Ram Murti Gupta. G.S.R.M., Memorial Education Society is a society registered under the societies registration Act 1860 with registration No. 520/2004-05 and registered office at D-6, Sarojini Nagar (Industrial Estate), Lucknow-Kanpur Highway, Lucknow.

G.S.R.M. Memorial Education Society was founded in 2004 by diplomats, Bureaucrats, Advocate & social workers, who already have a successful track record in imparting education by establishing new standards of education, which are being emulated by the upcoming institution.

Our educational ventures have been prompted by the following guidelines:

Focus on modern pedagogy to reduce dependence on the examination system, and accelerating the overall development of the student’s personality.

The group owes its success to the excellent team created by the Founder-Manager, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Sr. Advocate of Supreme Court of India, The Group Management evolved into a cohesive and well-knit network of professionals.

The strategy is to build a learning universe for the students by systematic prioritization of staff qualities such as flexibility, innovative capacity, and the ability.

These qualities are safeguarded through continuous competence enhancement of the staff, peer reviews of research and education and organizational culture, which inspires and encourages experimentation.

The group functions like a mini Board of education establishing all policies and framing common rules and regulations of the college for all. A Special Educational Research Centre studies the pros & cons of various educational systems, innovations are constantly introduced to make the teaching-learning process more exciting encouraging, and effective.

The present cyber age is making the world smaller day by day. In the realm of education, we can no longer remain confined to the territorial limits of cities, states or nations.

Cross-fertilization of ideas and teaching methods are relevant to education so that our future citizens can face the challenges of an international interface. Foreign cultures, languages, etiquettes etc., need to be understood. Developing adjustment capabilities in environmental evolution becomes crucial for success.