Degree College Nursing College Kanpur Road Lucknow-

G.S.R.M. is the Degree College Nursing College Kanpur Road Lucknow, which gives imaginative instructive chances and understudy bolster benefits that lead to the effective finishing of degrees and essential abilities. The aphorism of the school is conjugal morals for example merit with morals. Social, local, regional, geological, racial and social limits never again hold significance in the present situation. Legitimacy in individuals without morals transforms him into a wild brute. Legitimacy and morals are the two columns whereupon the establishment of the scholastic projects of the College rests. The scholarly projects of the school have been intended to guarantee dynamic, intelligent, inventive philosophies of figuring out how to upgrade the scholastic achievements of the understudies. The school is focused on imparting in the understudies a profound feeling of morals, which had amalgamated with their inward gifts changing them into perfect, devoted, true and mindful natives of the world.