wifiIt is our constant Endeavour to be on forefront in the realm of ultra modern hi-technology and we are proud that G.S.R.M. Memorial College has achieved this covetous position within a short span. G.S.R.M. Memorial College became the first wireless campus of Eastern & Central UP, years before the most people had even not heard of this technology. AS Eastern & Central UP’s first hi-tech smart campus, GSRM has 100 Mbps & 25 Mbps Internet Lease Lines from two different ISPs for internet connectivity with over 25 kms of fiber optic / LAN cable backbone structure.

The institute is interconnected through a highly secured GSRM Virtual Private Network, Where over more than 1,000 PCs are connected to the internet through broadband connections, while 3 hi-end servers power the GSRM network.