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Our Computer Lab

Our Computer Lab

From the Computer Lab

Discription of our Computer Lab

We have well-equipped spacious computer lab where the students are provided the practical knowledge in their own involvements.The Information Communication and Technology (ICT) lab of the college is bolstered with the latest hardware and software to provide ample opportunities for learning and developing computer skills.

About of Computer Lab

There are different sections to teach and to do the practical to the students of college. We believe in providing extensive global exposure and connectivity to the students via internet to enable them to remain constantly updated with current information.

Computer Lab Rules and Policies

Please be respectful of this community resource by being careful with the content you are viewing and listening to. Also, labs are areas of work and study so keeping noise to a minimum is necessary. No food or drinks please.

Importance of computer lab

Computer labs are instrumental in helping students learn, work with software programs, complete assignments and interact with their instructors. Most importantly, these IT labs enable learners to acquire digital skills critical in the modern workplace without having to purchase their own hardware and software..